Local general store draws attention with M16 rifle sign

      Sign in front of Roy's General Store on the corner of Hammond Rd. and Three Mile Rd.

      A family-run store in Traverse City is known for their funny signs.

      Since 1970, Roy's General Store has been boasting signs that catch the customer's eye, but some recent postings started some unintended controversy.

      A few weeks ago the sign by the road on the corner of Hammond and Three Mile read, "GET YOUR M16 RIFLE HERE BEFORE IT IS OUTLAWED."

      Store Manager Rob Hentschel said the sign was referring to a grill igniter they were selling that resembles a miniature M16 rifle.

      "We did have a couple customers come in actually looking for rifles, skeptically, I think they didn't really expect to find one, but they were just coming to see what the sign was about," Hentschel said.

      According to the store's Facebook page, the sign drew "several suspicious characters" and after several questions, they decided to "tone down the sign a bit" to show what it really is....a M16 shaped grill lighter.

      The new sign read, "PILOT LIGHT OUT? FIRE 'ER BACK UP WITH AN M16 RIFLE."

      "I haven't had anybody talk to me that was really offended by it," Hentschel said.

      According to Hentschel, the messages on the sign are meant to catch people's attention and make people laugh. He said they change the sign about twice a week.

      The sign recently read, "HMM...BREAKFAST PIZZA OR CINAMON OATMEAL."

      Hentschel said "CINAMON" was intentionally spelled wrong and they often misspell things because the employees think it's funny when customers come in to tell them the sign is incorrect.

      The store ran out of M16 rifle lighters after the controversial sign was put up, but they are planning to order more because they are becoming so popular.