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      Local glassblowers create ornaments for Governor

      J ay Baver and Glenna Haney at Jordan Valley Glassworks in East Jordan were given a unique task. Create 1,000 custom ornaments to be handed out by Governor Rick Snyder and stick to a statewide theme, Pure Michigan.

      "I t was a goal of ours to incorporate as much Michigan products as we could, into this ornament for the governor, so we could promote the entire stat e," Haney said.

      T he ornaments are a deep blue , made with michigan sand and bits of copper imported from the Upper Peninsula.

      YouTube Extra: Watch the glassblowers create the Governor's ornaments

      T his is the second time they have been commissioned to create ornaments for the Capitol, the first was for Governor Jennifer Grandholm.

      " Each time they ask us to do something, it's a separate process, its not like the Governor says, just use the people in East Jordan because we used them before," Baver explained.

      J ordan Valley Glassworks has been a family business for four generations and has developed a strong reputation around the country. They have also created ornaments for numerous celebrities, professional athletes, and four United States presidents.

      "I t ' s unique to East Jordan, Michigan . T here ' s not a lot of glassblowers left my grandfather thought he would be the last glassblower in Brooklyn, New York nearly 100 years ago," Bavers said.

      T h ei r family businesses legacy will continue to grow Tuesday night when the Governor hands out these ornaments to friends and dignitaries.