Local organizations weigh in on President Trump's budget proposal

WPBN/WGTU -- On Thursday the Trump administration released it's 2018 Budget Proposal.

Part of the proposed budget is to make cuts to the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative which helps protect the Great Lakes.

"Michigan is a Great Lake state," said Jeanie Williams, the Lead scientist for the Inland Seas Education Association. "Pure Michigan is our motto and that's because we understand the importance of a healthy and beautiful environment."

She tells me if the federal funding is cut, that means jobs would be too.

And Heather Smith of Watershed Center Grand Traverse Bay agrees with her.

"Part of our local economy and a lot of our jobs depend on Great Lakes," said Smith.

"We need researchers to figure out what the best thing to do is," said Williams. "And we need educators to train everybody in best practices."

According to the trump administration, the budget request for the Environmental Protection Agency would save tax payers nearly $2.6 billion and it put an emphasis on returning the responsibility of funding to local and state entities.

"They are not owned by any state in particular," said Williams. "They are held in trust and it's a common good that we all get to enjoy. We are all responsible for and we all get to benefit from if we take care of it."

The budget released by the White House is just a proposed budget and must still go through congress.

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