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      Local restaurant burglarized in Cheboygan County

      A local restaurant in Cheboygan was burglarized between the late hours of Monday night and early Tuesday morning.

      â??I walked into my boss being very upset seeing the place got broken into,â?? said Great Lakes Grill server Heather Ecker.

      According to the Cheboygan Department of Public Safety, the Great Lakes Grill, located at 817 E. State Street, was broken into through a window.

      Ecker said she saw evidence the burglars might have used the window. â??There was some perch and some bacon,â?? said Ecker. â??I think maybe they had snack as they taking things out I'm not sure.â??

      The subjects took items including steaks, chops, hams, seafood, desserts, dishes, pots, pans, as well as alcohol. The subjects also took six Co2 cylinders that carbonate drinks.

      Along with those items, a Lionâ??s club donation jar is also believed to have been stolen.

      The dollar amount for the stolen items and damages is not clear at this time.

      Cheboygan Police Chief Kurt Jones said he recovered some of the plates.

      This breaking and entering remains under investigation.

      Anyone with information about this breaking and entering is asked to call the Cheboygan Department of Public Safety at (231) 627-4321 or Crime Stoppers Alliance at 1-800-733-2287. A $1,000 cash reward is available for anyone who provides a tip resulting in a felony arrest.