Looking at the coldest day & night of the season

All of northern Michigan is under some kind of warning or advisory for tonight and tomorrow. West of I-75 look out for up to 3 inches of snow, wind, and cold. East of I-75, lighter snow and an advisory for extremely low wind chills. Plus, the Ludington area will see up to 4 inches of snow, higher wind gusts, and whiteout conditions at times.

Wherever you are, the basic story is the same. Wind will gust over 30 miles per hour tonight and Thursday. That means some very low wind the neigborhood of 15 to 25 below zero. That will give you frost bite if you stay out in that unprotected.

The wind by itself...from the southwest this evening, but turning northwest overnight...will push snow drifts across the road and reduce your visibility when you are driving.

he actual thermometer readings are going to stay below zero for much of the area thru the entire day tomorrow which makes Thursday the coldest day of the far.

And Thursday night...that may be the coldest night. That's when the average overnight low temperature will be around 10 below.

Here's some good news. The wind starts to decrease Thursday evening, and this weekend's highs might just rocket into the teens in some towns!