â??Loud and scaryâ?? explosion levels Central Lake home

This is all that remains after an explosion leveled a house in Central Lake. Neighbors are shaken up over the experience.

A couple was woken up in the middle of the night by an explosion that leveled their neighbor's house Tuesday.

"They heard a large explosion," said Wayne Loper, Central Lake Assistant Fire Chief. "They had some kind of wrought iron decorative piece on their wall. The bedroom was right there on the corner. The explosion knocked that off the wall and it landed on top of them. They were laying in their bed.â??

â??It was loud and scary,â?? the neighbor said. He was shaken up, and didn't want to go into any more detail or relive the moment.

When fire crews arrived at the home on Cedar Shores Trail in Central Lake around 3:30 a.m. Tuesday morning there wasn't much left.

â??This is pretty much how we found it with debris scattered. We saw that this was pretty much a total loss, so fortunately here at the first line, they attacked the neighbor's house to protect that,â?? said Loper.

Firefighters were able to contain the fire, but the explosion had already done damage to the neighboring home.

The fire crews from Central Lake, Bellaire, and Ellsworth ran into some trouble with the long narrow driveway.

â??We had to lay an above ground main and fight the fire from the road,â?? Loper explained.

Despite all the commotion, one neighbor said he didnâ??t notice anything different.

â??I didn't hear a thing; I slept right through it,â?? said neighbor Bob Peters.

Peters said his neighbors had vacationed there for around 20 years. He's thankful nobody was there at the time because the family had recently visited.

â??They come up quite a few times in the wintertime and use their snowmobiles out in our field,â?? said Peters. â??We were one of the first homes to be built here. I think they were about the third one. They've been here a while.â??

So far fire officials haven't determined a source for the explosion, but they suspect it may have been a propane leak.

Loper said thatâ??s something they have to look out for during the winter.

â??You have snow and ice buildup and it slides off the roof. There's a potential that it can damage the propane line going into the residence or natural gas line and create a leak. It's an issue we have to deal with up here in this area with the cold and snow and ice.â??

The owners of the home have been notified. One family member was there as crews battled the fire in the morning.

For pictures of the fire, click here.