Lovable lunches provide delicious education for local students

It takes a community effort to keep the students at Northport Public Schools excited and educated in the school cafeteria.

If you are of a certain age, you may remember when school lunches included rectangle thin pizza, a lot of reheated frozen food, and weren't very popular with the students who stood in line for them.

Things have changed.

Especially at Northport Public Schools where the food is getting quite the reputation while at the same time providing quite the education.

While shuttling around the Northport Public Schools kitchen, Tabitha Fisher knows what she does makes a difference.

She says "the students love it, the teachers love it, the subs love it. If just fills my heart. It makes me happy that I can provide that for this community." In the course of a day, Tabitha cooks a lot of meals for her young kids at home and for more than 150 Northport Public School students.

The vast majority of students and staff opt to get the school lunch instead of bringing one from home. To see why, watch the video above.

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