Made with Michigan Hands: AFRNT Clothing Company

"Amazing people that haven't been given that door, you know that's open for them, that's what I want to utilize this as," said Randy Myers, Owner of AFRNT clothing company in Traverse City.

AFRNT is a surf and skate inspired clothing company.

"It's not meant to be a souvenir brand, it's meant to be an inspirational brand," Myers said.

It's not so much the clothes that are the focus of his brand, Myers said it's the meaning behind the brand.

AFRNT is short for All For New Talent.

"Not having the resources that I could've had, or I should've had makes me want to help provide those resources for other people," Myers said.

According to Myers, his main goal is to provide opportunities for people who want to break into the field they are passionate about.

Britney Simerson got involved with AFRNT as a model last summer. The brand peaked her interest when she saw that Savanna Daniels was modeling for AFRNT. Daniels was a model on the hit show America's Next Top Model this past fall.

Since being with AFRNT Simerson said her modeling career has blossomed.

"I come from Kingsley, you know a super small town, and to have people from Grand Rapids, or Detroit, or Chicago be like, 'Hey, I saw your pictures on this website, I would love for you to come model some of my designs,' that's just huge doors that have been opened for me," Simerson said.

Myers said he is thrilled when he is able to provide opportunities for people who are just starting out.

"They don't really have the opportunity to actually represent a brand and so this diversifies their portfolio a bit," Myers said.

Simerson said she was surprised when she was afforded the opportunity to model for AFRNT.

"We all have a ton of jobs, we're in school, you know we don't have that opportunity to go do a photo shoot every weekend like a lot of girls do," Simerson said. "And the fact that he gives all of us time, especially me because I work a lot, is just amazing to me."

Myers said it has always been his goal to use his brand as a tool to provide opportunities and not so much to make a profit.

"So many things are just so focused on money and I try not to talk money with the people that I work with I just want to help them," Myers said. "If I sell a t-shirt here and there, that's good, that'll give me more money to make more t-shirts, but ultimately it's the purpose and the people before the profit with me."

You can purchase AFRNT merchandise at and Myers is hoping to get his brand into a local store in 2013. He is also collaborating with Savanna Daniels for a mentoring program this summer.

"She's going to mentor two to three local young girls hat have goals to model, so we're going to work on that together," Myers said. "My purpose isn't just to sell a t-shirt with a good message, you know it's to actually work with people, build their confidence, and inspire them."

You can get in touch with AFRNT brand on Facebook just seach AFRNT.