Made with Michigan Hands: Motif Jewelers

"We brought the lines to Northern Michigan and we carry lines that nobody else in the area, from Flint north, we're the exclusive," said Michael Canova, Regional Manager at Motif Jewelers.

The holiday shopping season is underway and if you're looking for a gift that sparkles and shines well don't delay.

Motif Jewelers

just opened up shop in the Grand Traverse Mall and they have everything from Tacori Bridal, Belle Etoile, Pandora, Movado and much much more.

"This is all made in the United States from start to finish," Canova said.

Getting a nice piece of jewelry for the holidays is enough to put a smile on anyone's face, but the real treat is that the Motif Jewelers jewelry line is made right here in Michigan.

"We do everything from start to finish. We do the casting, we do the setting, we do everything, the design the wax work, everything," Canova said. "We have the largest facility for an independent jeweler in the state of Michigan."

For December Canova said they are making blue diamond rings with the December birthstone for both men and women.

Canova said Motif Jewelers has been around since 1983 and they have two other locations in the Detroit area. They opened their location in Traverse City in September.

"I'm a fly fisherman, and we bought this store because we were up here on a fishing trip," Conova said. "We came into the mall, we were having lunch, we were waiting for the bay to get a little bit warmer. We were just looking around, I saw this space, I liked it and we started talking to them and lo and behold four months later we're here, but it all started with a fly fishing trip."

The reception that Motif Jewelers has gotten so far, Conova said is far better than he expected.

"Made in Michigan is a very very strong priority because when we opened this store everybody here never had jewelry experience, so they're all learning and training," Conova said. "The contractors, we took all peoplef rom Traverse City. We wanted local people working here, so we want to keep the jobs local."

Whether you have $25 or thousands to spend they're sure you'll find something for your budget.

"I had a gentleman the other day asking for one, we had a diamond that was $650,000," Conova said. "They don't like their thing to be shown before it's made, so I want him to unveil it to the world."



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