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      Made with Michigan Hands: Yooper Chook snow hats

      A Yooper Chook is a hat with "hidden heat" and they are handcrafted in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Cynthia Dorie is the owner of Yooper Chook.

      "I have six brothers and in one week's time I had two of them say to me, 'They just don't make a hat warm enough for snow blowing, snow throwing,'" Dorie said. "I sat down I had tons of fleece and started working on it."

      Dorie said Mary Bergmann of Suit Yourself Sewing in Kingsley sews the hats.

      The "hidden heat" comes from a face warmer that is built into the crown of the hat. In the video you will see how to put the hat on.

      Dorie said you can wear the hat with or without the face warmer.

      She has been making the hats since 2009, but Dorie said it took her 18 prototypes before she crafted the official Yooper Chook that she sells today.

      They come in a variety sizes and colors that change every year.

      Dorie sells the hats for $20.

      If you would like more information about Yooper Chooks or would like to purchase one you can go to the website HERE .

      You can also contact Cynthia Dorie at