Man barricaded in Osceola County home, may have hostages

Barricaded man in custody, hospitalized in Osceola County. Lockdown lifted, but questions remain.

A man barricaded himself inside his home in Marion Friday afternoon, before eventually surrendering to police. The Osceola County Sheriff's Department tells 7&4 News that the man is now in custody, and was sent to the hospital for treatment. Police say there was no one else in the home at the time.

Deputies say shortly after 2pm a call came in from Central Dispatch for a well-being check on a residence. Approximately 15-20 minutes later a suicidal subject was reported to be at the residence. The man filled his Marion home on Water Street with propane gas, turned the oven on and then opened the oven door -- attempting to take his own life. Police say it may have been the result of a domestic dispute, but have not confirmed these details.

Osceola County deputies, along with Michigan State Police, locked down the area and evacuated nearby homes and schools within a 4-5 block radius. The ERT team arrived on scene, smelled propane, and determined the first objective was to shut off the propane supply to the house.

Then authorities shot bean bags into the barricaded homes windows and pushed in the front door to ventilate it.

After ordering him to come out many times, the man eventually surrendered. As noted by a neighbor, he stumbled out eating a banana before getting down on the sidewalk.

"By threatening to blow up his place, he endangered every house around him," said James Crawford, Osceola County Sheriff. "We did evacuate about 4-5 blocks in the area in case it did blow. Everybody did their job very well and nobody got hurt."

Around 8:00 p.m., police, EMS and fire crews cleared the scene, as the home was ventilated. Area residents returned home as well. There is a notice that says no one may enter the home at this time.

Authorities confirm that the man was in custody, but is now in a nearby hospital being treated for inhaling toxic fumes. Police say charges are pending, and say the man will be formally charged once he is released from the hospital.