Man charged with sexually assaulting woman at softball tournament

A 42-year-old man was arrested for sexually assaulting a woman at a softball tournament last August, according to the Antrim County Prosecutor's Office.

"It's been over a year, a lot of man hours, a lot of time, a lot of community concern. So to see it on the track to conclusion is a big deal for us," Bellaire Police Chief Brad Rowe said


ert Puroll was charged with three counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct in the Third Degree.

Puroll was originally arrested and charged with these same offenses in August of 2011, but the charges were dismissed pending results of testing of biological material by the Michigan State Police Forensic Lab. The decision to re-charge Puroll came this month after the Antrim County Prosecutor's Office received additional reports from the State Crime Lab.

"In a perfect world we would have liked to have tried this last year at the time of the events but because of the science and getting DNA results it take a long time for the results to come in," Antrim County Prosecutor Charles Koop said.

Puroll was actively involved in softball tournaments throughout Michigan for many years. In light of the allegations, as well as other information that came to light during the investigation, the Prosecutors Office and Bellaire Police Department are requesting that anyone who may have information about this or other assaults, or who may have experienced unwanted/unwelcome sexual advances involving this man contact Police.

"Often with sexual assaults it's not an isolated incident, we don't know that, we've been investigating that and we're looking for anyone who might have information that might be helpful in this case or other situation with this defendant," Koop said.

Anyone who believes they, or someone they know, may have been harmed by this man should contact Chief Rowe at the Bellaire Police Department at 231-533-5678 or Erin House or Charles Koop at the Prosecuting Attorney's Office at 231-533-6860. All information will be followed up on in a respectful and confidential manner.