Man drives truck through fence in 'fit of rage'

A 32-year-old man drove his truck through a split-rail fence in a "fit of rage" after a fight with his girlfriend.

The crash caused a split-rail fence to be completely destroyed near the corner of North Down River Rd and Headquarters Rd, according to Sheriff Kirk Wakefield of Crawford County.

According to Deputies, a green Ford pickup had been seen in the area Friday with a piece of fencing sticking out of the grill. The information and investigation led Deputies to believe that the damage to the fence was intentional.

Deputies located the vehicle involved in the crash and matched it with broken piece of the truck left at the scene. Deputies say there were also small pieces of fence still stick in the truck's grill.

The driver of the truck was identified and confessed to damaging the fence intentionally. He said that he had an argument with his girlfriend who got out of the vehicle to walk home. In a fit of rage, he then drove his vehicle through the fence striking ten posts and destroying the entire fence, Sheriff Wakefield says.

While attempting to complete the police report, the same deputy was contacted about a damaged mailbox about 7 miles from the scene of the original incident. Upon investigation, the deputy discovered pieces of the same truck, according to Sheriff Wakefield.

Multiple warrants are being sought for the man.