Man says tainted steroids made him sick

As the number of deadly fungal meningitis cases continue to rise across the state, we're learning more people are getting sickened by the tainted steroids. It's not only meningitis they're suffering from.

7&4 News spoke with a man from his Traverse City hospital bed about the illness he's battling which he says is from the tainted steroids. The victim, who wants to keep his identity private, is a father, a husband, a little league coach, and his family's breadwinner.

The symptoms started about a month ago when he started feeling shooting pain in his legs. Over the summer he received two steroid injections at Neuromuscular and Rehabilitation Associates of Northern Michigan, one of the facilities that received hundreds of the tainted steroid lots.

He says doctors at Munson Medical Center put him through several tests, ruled out meningitis, but found a fungal abscess in his back.

Munson Medical Center has been treating him for more than two weeks. He may be released to go home this weekend, but will need at home care for the next three to six months.

Besides the confirmed 61 cases of meningitis in Michigan, officials also report one stroke, four joint infections, and 33 abscesses like this Traverse City man has.