March starting colder than normal

We're going to lose the clear sky we've had today. Overnight, clouds roll in from the west...and eventually those clouds will bring some snow.

Snow returns tonight and stays with us through Tuesday AM. Most of the snow will fall before lunch, but it will linger into the afternoon south of Cadillac. Totals will be light...maybe an inch in some backyards.

nother band of snow crosses the state Wednesday. Looks like it will bring an inch or 2 to the southern half of the Lower Peninsula. The farther north you are Wednesday, the more likely you won't see any snow at all.

Temperatures. Still below normal. March is starting off cold. Highs Tuesday will range from 12 to 22 degrees. Highs Wednesday...mostly teens. Highs Thursday...mostly 20s, but that's still below the normal of mid 30s.

Wind looks light for the next several days.