Medical marijuana could be a prescription for jail time

The Michigan appeals court says the state's medical marijuana law doesn't shield people from prosecution if they are caught driving after using pot.

The decision released Wednesday is another significant ruling involving the 2008 law that allows marijuana for medicinal purposes. A three-judge panel ruled in favor of the prosecutor in Grand Traverse County and restored a criminal case against Rodney Koon.

A blood test revealed marijuana's active ingredient in Koon's body after he was stopped for exceeding the speed limit by nearly 30 mph. He was charged with having drugs in his system under Michigan's no-tolerance law, but two courts dismissed the charge, citing the medical marijuana law.

The appeals court says there's nothing in the law that gives immunity to people who use medical marijuana and drive.

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Jessica Hart Moore wrote: "I don't think Michigan was prepared in any way for the whole medical marijuana laws. It never should have been put on the ballot, until all of the potential rules and regulations were in place. Everything is too up in the air, and no one knows how to handle situations like this."

Dominic Sumner left this comment "Under the influence of anything could get you a DUI... Don't operate a vehicle if you are on ANY medication or drug legal or not if they cause you to not perform the task as if you were 100% sober."

Nathaniel Susan said: "

YES. Medical or not, its a drug and they should get a DUI for it. Any of the stronger perscription drugs have a warning to "not drive or opperate machinery". This is no different."

Donna Rae Burton Sizemore wrote: "

That is ridiculous. Marijuana can stay in your system for a month or more. Until you can come up with a test that will tell you when they smoked last and how "high" they are, then the testing would be irrelevant. (it could have been the day before or a week before and if that is the case they are no longer "high" or driving under the influence)"

Laura Bryant Quist left this message: "

Absolutely. If you're not 100% in control and alert, you have no business operating a machine that can take the lives of others."

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