Medical marijuana dispensary raided by S.A.N.E.

Medical marijuana dispensary raided by S.A.N.E.

OTSEGO COUNTY, Mi (WPBN/WGTU) -- A Gaylord woman was arrested on Monday after the Straits Area Narcotics Enforcement team raided a medical marijuana dispensary.

The Gaylord Police Department received a tip from someone who noticed the dispensary had moved dozen of marijuana plants outside, which is illegal.

S.A.N.E. was able to get a search warrant on Monday, the same day the tip came in.

Three people were there at the time, but only a 27-year-old woman was arrested.

Police say she worked and also lived in the building.

Dispensaries are supposed to keep all of their products locked inside and each caregiver is only supposed to have five patients.

Other dispensaries in the area say when people break the rules, it makes them all look bad.

“It’s unfortunate people have to break the law and then give other dispensaries a bad name when we’re out here just trying to help patients," said Jonathan Tomaski, manager of the Cloud 45 dispensary.

"I like to think that a lot of the people that are involved as caregivers or patients are following the rules, so it gives every person who's following the rules a bad name," said Lt. Kenneth Mills of S.A.N.E. "I'd like to think that the majority of folks who have cards are following the rules that are currently in place, but you're always going to have a few that are trying to go outside what they should be doing."

In addition to the 26 plants, S.A.N.E. seized about two and a half pounds of processed marijuana, as well as edibles and wax.

They say the woman was also in possession of Tramadol, which is a type of pain killer.

Police say that amount of marijuana far exceeds the amount a caregiver should have if they are only serving five patients.

They will be investigating further to see if the woman was selling to non-patients,

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