Meijer proposal gets nod of approval from planning commission

The idea of a new Meijer superstore in Grand Traverse Countyâ??s Acme Township is moving closer to a reality.

At a meeting Monday night, the Acme Township Planning Commission approved â??phase oneâ?? of the Village of Grand Traverse Plan, which includes the construction of the Meijer.

All eight planning commissioners gave their approval. The Acme Business Association said they are very excited about the progress.

â??You'll see an increase property values, increase in job opportunity for peopleâ?¦so all the residents of acme, from what we understand, are behind it... our members are very strongly for that the planning commission has approved phase oneâ?¦it will move on to the Acme Township board to be voted on.,â?? said Chuck Collett, Acme Business Association.

The board is expected to vote next Tuesday, February 7 at the Acme Township Hall.