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      Men responsible for majority of cocaine and heroin distribution indicted

      After a four-year-long investigation, the three men officials believe were responsible for the majority of cocaine and heroin distribution in northern Michigan were indicted.

      The investigation started in February of 2009 when Traverse Narcotics Team detectives had a controlled purchase of cocaine at a home in Grand Traverse County.

      Once the purchase was complete, the team executed a search warrant and found nine people in the process of using or distributing cocaine.

      Over the next three years, several witnesses testified in front of a Federal Grand Jury and in August of 2012, indictments were issued for three people.

      Xavier Libbett was charged with one count of conspiracy to distribute cocaine base over 280 grams and one count of conspiracy to distribute heroin over 100 grams. Libbett was sentenced to 18 years, 4 months in federal prison.

      Jerry Boss, 30, of Grand Rapids, and Marcus Zolicoffer, 48, of Grand Rapids were both charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine base over 280 grams. Boss was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison. Zolicoffer was sentenced to 20 years.

      State Police believe these three were responsible for supplying the majority of cocaine and heroin to northern Michigan between 2008 and 2013. Officials believe having these men behind bars will have a significant impact on the drug culture in northern Michigan and say getting these men off the street was extremely important.

      "Important enough that the feds, the federal government; the FBI partnered with us on this investigation and took a very important role to help us bring this to a conclusion," said Michigan State Police Detective 1st Lieutenant Patrick Boyd. "We also had them tied to some other cases in some other counties we couldn't charge them on but we could show relationships to other individuals that were involved in the same type of business. So we think it's pretty significant to get these folks arrested."