Men sentenced for decapitating dog

Smokey the dog was killed in August of 2012.

The two Crawford County men responsible for the decapitation of a family's dog have been sentenced to time in jail.

Seven Stuart and Daniel Weiskerch both plead guilty to animal cruelty charges which include torturing and/or killing an animal.

Stuart will spend 5 months in Crawford County Jail, and 2 years probation. Weiskerch was sentenced to 60 days in jail and 2 years probation.

In August of 2012, investigators were shown the body of the 6-year-old pit-bull named Smokey, with bullet wounds. The dog's head was cut off and not with the body. The dog's head was located near a stop sign at the intersection of Stephan Bridge Rd. and North Down River Rd in Crawford County.

Dan Kelley, the owner of the dog, said Stuart, Kelley's adopted brother, killed and decapitated the dog.

He said the two had a falling out and Kelley was in the process of moving out of the house they shared. As he was moving, he left Smokey with his brother for a short time, which is when the incident took place.

Seven Stuart called Kelley by phone and left a message stating that he killed the dog and that he had the head taken to be processed for mounting to return to Kelley.

Weiskerch was a friend of Stuart and helped him carry out the crimes.

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