Meth explosion at Gaylord storage unit sends one man to the hospital

Emergency crews and police respond to storage unit explosion in Gaylord.

An officer from the Straits Area Narcotics Team says a man was cooking Methamphetamine when an explosion happened inside a storage unit in Gaylord early Saturday morning.

The storage unit was part of larger complex near the Sled Shed off South Otsego Ave.

Officers say the explosion caused the door to the storage unit to blow off.

According to the Gaylord Police Department, a 36-year old man, of Gaylord, was in the storage unit at the time of the explosion. The man was taken to Otsego Memorial Hospital for life threatening injuries.

The man has been stabilized and transferred to a burn unit. He remains in critical condition.

The story is still developing and we will pass along more information as it becomes available.