Michigan OK's medical marijuana for 44 children

Michigan has issued medical marijuana cards covering 44 children. Most are teenagers, but three of them are under 10 years old.

The Detroit Free Press reports that 21 of those with the cards are 17 years old, 11 are 16 and five are 15. A 7-year-old and two 9-year-olds also have received the cards.

The state isn't disclosing the medical conditions for which the children are authorized to use marijuana. They say it's unknown how the children will take the drug, whether with food, vaporizer or smoking.

Morgan Fox of the Marijuana Policy Project in Washington, D.C., says most of the 17 states that allow medical use of marijuana don't restrict it to adults. Fox says Delaware and Connecticut do have adult-only rules.

Since this story was posted on UpNorthLive Monday morning, it has gotten a huge response from our viewers. Here are some of the comments:

Rebecca VanPelt commented, "Absolutely NOT!! It should be illegal all together! Why is everyone so hung up on this topic?? I would never allow my child to smoke it, even if was recommended by the doctor! There are plenty of alternatives out there. I'm 30 years old, I have degenerative arthritis, fibro myalgia, sciatica, and I have had 8 surgeries on the same knee--I'm am in constant pain, you don't see me running out and getting a med card...heck, I have had the same prescription for Vicodin for over a year. It came with 3 refills and I haven't used any of them. Why on earth would any parent want their child smoking anything at all!?!?"

Larissa Chmielewski-Ellis commented, "Uhm there are more convenient delivery methods than smoking - there are edible, liquid and pill forms. No child should ever be given ANYTHING to smoke. But if a child with cancer or other illness is helped by a thc lollipop , by all Means, give it to them."

Bob Shuman commented, "I don't think anybody should. You can get the same health benefits in a pill, you just won't get high. I don't like the idea of working or being on the road with stoned people. Kids would be worse, as their judgment is poorer."

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