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      Michigan State Police investigate missing money from evidence room

      Troopers from the Michigan State Police Sixth District are investigating an allegation about some missing property from the Cadillac Post evidence room.

      Officials say the investigation began in March when they were alerted that some money was missing, but declined to say where the information came from.

      Grand Traverse County Prosecutor, Bob Cooney, said he was told about the situation because money from a case he is handling is part of the investigation. He says the missing money includes about $1,400 from an Interlochen robbery involving a Wendy's restaurant from December 2013.

      "I found out back at the beginning of May, from the investigating officer in the armed robbery case that I'm handling, that money was missing in our case... about $1,400, " said Cooney.

      Cooney said he was told by MSP that the investigation involves seven other cases, and that around $10,000 in total has gone missing from the evidence room. He is not aware of any other Grand Traverse County cases involved.

      "He (MSP Lt.) indicated to me that they've never had this type of compromise to their evidence room in the past," said Cooney.

      Tiffany Brown, an MSP spokeswoman, says they cannot give any other details at this time because it is an open investigation.

      Michigan State Police declined to comment on how many people have access to the evidence room.