Middle school runner helps teammate across finish line

Mason County Eastern 8th grader, Amelia Malburg was running in the meet when she noticed her teammate was on the ground and struggling.

MASON COUNTY, Mich. (WPBN/WGTU) — A Mason County middle schooler is showing there’s no ‘I’ in team, with an act of kindness at her cross country meet.

Amelia Malburg, an 8th grader at Mason County Eastern, was running in the meet when she noticed her teammate was on the ground and struggling.

Amelia says she's typically near the front of the pack, but on that day her ankle was hurting.

“We were almost close to done, we were getting up the big hill,” Amelia said. “[My teammate] fell down she didn’t want to move forward because it was so hot and has asthma,” Amelia said.

Amelia stopped and picked up her fellow runner.

A photo of Amelia helping her teammate was shared on Facebook by a parent from another school.

The picture shows Amelia holding up her teammate, 7th grader Alexis Shubert. Alexis’ arm is wrapped around Amelia as both girls walk up the hill.

“I just wanted to sit there and just lay down and just stop,” Alexis said. “Then Amelia came by and she helped me up and walked me up the hill and we started running together.”

“By stopping to help Alexis, [Mia] was basically sacrificing her own time and performance to try and help a teammate which is a pretty cool thing,” Mason County Eastern Principal Mark Fornor said.

The principal says the photo demonstrates sportsmanship and putting generosity over finishing first.

“It was just something that I kind of expected Mia to do she doesn’t like it when other people are hurt around her,” Ginger Malburg, Amelia’s mother said. “Knowing that people are choosing kindness over competitiveness."

Principal Forner said he sees his students perform little acts of kindness all the time. He's thankful this one is caught on camera and hopes the good sportsmanship spreads.

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