Military mother looking to send birthday cards, support to troops

A northern Michigan military mother is looking to send some love to our troops serving overseas.

A northern Michigan military mother is looking to send some love to our troops serving overseas.

Traverse City native Specialist Jordan Shaffer is serving in Afghanistan. His 24th birthday is quickly approaching, falling on June first.

His mother wants to send birthday cards and letters of support to those serving with her son.

Shaffer graduated from Traverse City West Senior High School in 2009, and joined the Army ten days later. Heâ??s now serving as a Black Hawk crew chief.

"As a mother I don't always like him being gone and being in danger but I'm very proud of what he does and all that he's accomplished," said Lee Storch.

Lee is reaching out to the community for help as she gets boxes ready to send to Afghanistan.

"Give him some northern Michigan love. When he opens up the box he's going to see all these cards, and he's going to be able to share them with his crewâ?¦ give him a smile on his face and then he can read these letters or cards or let his buddies reach in there. If they're sad one day or they're having a rough day it's just a little piece of home."

As with any military mom, Lee is struggling with having her son in a war zone. She's been able to check in with him through Facebook and on the phone.

"I'm having a hard time and doing this is really giving me something to do instead of sitting here worrying, is he safe... what's going to happen?"

Letters have already started to come in, but Lee wants her son to know who's thinking of him back home.

"I just want him to know that we support him and that northern Michigan backs him for what he does and what his friends do."

Specialist Shaffer will spend nine months in Afghanistan, which means he will be overseas for his one year wedding anniversary.

Lee is planning on sending the birthday cards and letters of support by mid-May. Sheâ??s asking those who want to send letters to mail them to her home:

Jordan Shaffer

831 Floresta Street

Traverse City, MI 49686