Million dollar bond set for Cheboygan man who rammed deputy car

Andrew Woodburn faces a maximum of life in prison for ramming a police car into traffic in Cheboygan Co.

The man who rammed a Cheboygan County deputy's car and demanded to be killed is being held on a $1 million bond.

Andrew Franklin Woodburn, 34, of Cheboygan, was arraigned today and faces five charges including, Assault with intent to murder, Felon in possession of firearms, Flee and Elude 3rd degree, Resisting a Police Officer and Operating While Intoxicated.

Woodburn is also being charged with Habitual Offender, third offense.

The charges carry a combined maximum sentence of life in prison.

Sheriff Dale Clarmont said Woodburn had become suicidal and violent with his parents, saying he wanted to be killed by police. He attempted to leave in a car with weapons including a machete and other knives.

Woodburn was arrested after he rammed his car into a Cheboygan County deputy's patrol car, pushing it into traffic and injuring the deputy and two teenagers in a passing car. According to Sheriff Clarmont, Woodburn then confronted the deputy and demanded to be killed. He was eventually tased and arrested.

A $1 million cash bond was set. He will be in court next on July 10.