Million dollar lottery ticket sold in Manton

The Manton community waits for Powerball ticketholder to come forward. The ticket was sold at this Shell station.

A Powerball ticket worth a million dollars was sold at the Shell gas station in Manton, according to Michigan lottery officials.

The ticket matched all five white balls for the drawing on Saturday, September 7.

The winner hasn't come forward yet, but it is the talk of the town.

The clerk was mentioning the million dollar ticket to almost every customer. People coming and going joked about how they wished they had the ticket.

Those who did not already know were shocked to hear the news.

â??This place sold a million dollar winner?! Really?â?? questioned Ryan Allison, a shopper at the Shell station.

â??Oh my God. Wow! For real?!â?? exclaimed Tuesday Olsen, another shopper at the Shell station. â??Oh my gosh, I would've never guessed that.â??

The staff at the Shell station wasnâ??t allowed to comment on camera about the news that someone could be a million dollars richer.

â??Somebody's gonna be happy!â?? said Tim Limberger of Jennings.

â??I'm gonna check on it though, now that I hear there's a million dollars out there floating around from this place,â?? said Nick Dimitri, a regular lottery ticket buyer at the Shell station.

â??In the last six months I haven't checked anything yet,â?? said Matt Ugell, who bought a ticket for Saturdayâ??s, but hasnâ??t checked yet to see if he won. â??I'm kind of excited. You never know!â??

Dimitri does not think the big news will draw a bigger crowd to the gas station. He said the regulars will continue buying their tickets. â??Even though they say they're losers, or it's a set up, no, they keep buying them.â??

Many people who don't typically buy lotto tickets said news of the big ticket sold is making them reconsider.

â??It would. It would. That's crazy,â?? said Olsen.

â??I'm gonna go get me a lottery ticket!â?? said Allison. He said itâ??s always good to check. â??Even if I didn't think my numbers matched up, I'd still have them run it through the machine just to make sure. You hear those stories about finding a lottery ticket in a parking lot and you take it and have it checked. Yeah, have it checked.â??

If you bought a ticket, the winning numbers are: 2, 19, 22, 26, 45, with Powerball 24.

Because there was no jackpot winner on Saturday, $245,000,000 is up for grabs in Wednesday nightâ??s drawing.