Million dollar lottery winner unknown in Petoskey

A million dollar lottery ticket from this weekend's Powerball drawing was printed at a Petoskey gas station and so far no one has claimed the money. Customers of the Meijer gas station like juan valesquez wishes it was them that won Saturday's drawing.

"I immediately checked my ticket and unfortunately wasn't me but I did have two numbers," Valesquez said.

Valesquez says that if he won the money, he would come forward immediately to claim his prize. The Michigan Lottery says even though no winner has stepped forward, they still have received a call from a lawyer regarding a million dollar ticket. They can't confirm that it is the same one, but they say the person wanted to remain anonymous when claiming their prize, which is agaist Michigan Lottery policy.

Now many people are wondering why no one has shown up with the winning ticket.

"Maybe their afraid they'd be jumped or something that's a lot of money everybody wants it," Meijer customer Ian Sims said.

"Maybe because they don't want to be found," Meijer customer Jane Haggerty said. "Or don't want Uncle Sam to know where they're at."

A one million dollar ticket could buy a lot of gas and well many other things, but some of the gas station customers walking into the Meijer location are wondering what they would've done if they won the money

"I'd probably pay off a bunch of bills and probably buy myself some gas and stock up a little bit," Sims said.

"First thing I would do I would pay off all the bills that my mother owes, because she's elderly and she's taking care of all of the children and my family holler life and dedicated herself off so I would make sure she was take care of first for the rest of her life that she wouldn't have to worry," Haggerty explained.

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