Missing fisherman Cullen Finnerty's body found in woods

The search for missing fisherman Cullen Finnerty came to an end with the discovery of his body Tuesday evening.

The body of missing fisherman, and former Grand Valley State University football quarterback Cullen Finnerty has been recovered in Lake County.

According to the Lake County Sheriff, Finnerty's body was found around 7:40pm in the woods about a half mile from the entrance to the Bay Creek Campgrounds. The body was under heavy foliage near where his boat was found Sunday.

Investigators said Finnerty had been fishing in the Baldwin River and made a cell phone call to his wife saying that he was nervous and afraid. That was the last anyone heard from him - a ping on his cell phone prompted an all out search over the past two days. The Michigan State Police chopper was unable to locate the body from the air. Finnerty was found by a professional grid search team on the ground.

Lake County Sheriff Robert Hilts said foul play is not suspected and Finnerty's body did not have any visible signs of injury. The area however, is being treated as a crime scene at this time.

Investigators hope that an autopsy, which will be performed on Wednesday, will help them piece together what lead to Finnerty's death.

Authorities have said family members had expressed concern that the 30-year-old may have suffered "a mental episode" before disappearing Sunday.