Missing teens charged and put on tethers

14-year-old Jayden Thomas was found with her 14-year-old boyfriend Braxton Wood Sunday in Chicago.

The missing 14-year-olds who were found Sunday in Chicago were in Isabella County probate court Monday morning.

Jayden Thomas of Clare and Braxton Wood of Mt. Pleasant were charged with being runaways. Both pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The boyfriend and girlfriend were also put on GPS tethers and then released to their parents.

Thomas and Wood went missing August 26.

Professional Investigator Michael Cook who is on the case said the teens ran away from home, taking the Wood family's black Ford Explorer to Chicago.

Cook received a call from a man in Chicago who said he saw Braxton.

"He was literally standing next to the Ford Explorer," said Cook.

Cook said the man took a picture of the vehicle and sent it to him to confirm that it was their car.

Soon after that Cook said Chicago police showed up and took the teenagers into custody at the 19th District Chicago Police Department.

"It was just a great moment when your hair stands up on your arms, just to know that you've been a part of something to bring someone back together," said Cook.

Cook said he was never given a reason for why the teenagers left.

Once the teenagers were taken into custody Cook said he called the police station to make sure it was them.

"I could hear a lot of people in the background they were saying, 'Oh, those are those kids!', they were happy that the kids were found," said Cook.

Cook spoke with one of the officers who took Wood and Thomas into custody.

"He asked them their names and I heard Jayden say her name, Jayden Thomas, and I heard Braxton say his name," said Cook. "It was just a big weight lifted off my shoulders."

Cook said the parents were shocked to find out the teenagers were in Chicago.

"Almost like, they were like, is there a Chicago, MI?" said Cook.

A preliminary exam for Thomas is scheduled for Sept. 23.

Wood's preliminary exam is scheduled for Sept. 25.