Missing woman found at homeless shelter out of area

Donna Brancart was found safe at a homeless shelter on Thursday.

The woman Traverse City Police have been searching for was found.

Donna Brancart, 28, was reported missing by family on Wednesday.

Family members are reporting the Brancart was found safe and out of the area. Traverse City Police say they haven't personally seen her but spoke with her and are able to confirm she was found.

Family members say Brancart left in haste and it was not her intention to cause any concern.

"The family and I are beyond grateful for all the love and compassion that Traverse City has shown in so many ways," said Brancart's grandmother, Lin Alessio. "It shows the love for not only Donna, but for every person in Traverse City."

Alessio said Brancart does a lot of homeless outreach programs and the Christian outreach community work.

Details are still limited in this case, but the story will be updated as they emerge.

Police said Brancart has been living in Traverse City for three months and was staying at the Whiting Hotel.