Misty Marshall: Thanksgiving

I want to tell everyone how wonderful of a Thanksgiving I had, and for the first time for as long as I can remember I pulled myself away from the table without using my stomach!

This year I wasn't quite sure how things were going to turn out because it is the first major holiday season without my beloved dad. I had many mixed emotions because it was necessary to start new traditions with my family in order to not let grief overwhelm this time of giving thanks.

I know my dad would have wanted us to focus on spending time as a family so this year I stayed at my mother's house the night before and after Thanksgiving.

I enjoyed cooking with my mother (still not brave enough to take over the cooking of Tom all by myself). I found myself peeling potatoes with my daughter for the first time and explaining little things like what we do with the turkey gizzards. my son Joseph felt bad for the puppies who were also visiting grandma, and took up residence in their kennel with them. The kids all enjoyed looking through the Black Friday ads and checking their Christmas lists one last time before sending them off to Santa!

I was very conscious of what I put on my plate during dinner and I think I learned the difference between a helping and a serving...yes there is a difference! when you find out that a serving of green bean casserole is 1/2 cup, measure it and put it on your plate you realize it is much less than you usually fill your plate with. this year I took a picture of my plate, with measured out servings to share with you!

I had my first experience with baking a pumpkin pie by using a recipe that is healthy, surprisingly it was the first dessert gone and a big hit! I must say I surprised myself with how tasty it was!

Thinking back I am realizing that a food centered holiday does not have to be a time of gaining weight and eating out of control. Funny thing is, that day, I didn't even think about food but was more focused on spending time as a family! I enjoyed myself, stayed on Target, and was able to make Thanksgiving a success!

I want to focus on what I am thankful for in closing this blog and say I had the best thirty-four years with a wonderful father who loved me unconditionally. I have a mom who is there for me when I need her, and I have lots of siblings that have made my life very interesting! My husband is my strongest supporter and my kids are my heart! I am surrounded by love and for the first time discovering fulfillment aside from food! I am a blessed woman!

I hope your special holiday season brings as many blessings that mine has and that you enjoy the company of your family!

gratefully yours,