More light snow to end the weekend

Northern Michigan will continue to see light lake effect snow showers throughout Saturday night and into Sunday.

We're sandwiched between two low pressure systems - one to the north in Canada, the other moving through the Kentucky/Ohio area.

This will keep winds out of the westerly direction and relatively breezy - expecting gusts up to 35mph throughout Saturday evening. This will cause us to see light lake effect snow showers Saturday night also - with only around an inch of accumulation expected due to so much of the Lakes being ice covered. Although temperatures will be in the single digits to around 15 degrees, expect the winds to make it feel closer to 0 to 10 below.

Heading into the late night Satuday and into Sunday, the winds will begin to die down - just a little. They will stay out of the west Sunday, but remain at 10-20mph, with gusts possible to 30mph (still breezy, but better than those gale force winds we have been experiencing!). Wind chill will still be closer to 0 degrees. Lake effect cloud cover and light snow will continue Sunday, with again, not much accumulation possible.