More open water on Lake Michigan turns lake snow back on

Last week's wind and brief warmer weather cleared a lot of ice from Lake Michigan leading to more open water.

Last week's brief warmup and strong west winds have done a number on the amount of ice on Lake Michigan turning back on the lake effect snow for some.

While much of Northern Michigan saw some snow Friday, in parts of Northern Lower Michigan it did not stop through most of Saturday. The targeted areas were parts of Charlevoix/Cheboygan/Emmet/Otsego Counties. Vanderbilt had a whopping 18" of snow according to one viewer email. Indian River was not far behind with 13.8" there. Oden picked up 13" and East Jordan saw a foot of fresh snow.

The ice clogged Lake Michigan really cleared out due to the wind and also the warmer weather last week and that allowed west-southwest winds to funnel heavy lake effect snow into the areas mentioned above.

Going forward, the biggest weather story is going to be the degree of cold that is on the way. A polar airmass that originated right over the North Pole is on its way and will arrive here Wednesday through Friday. While light lake effect snow will continue in spots, the bigger story is going to be the cold. High temperatures Wednesday and especially Thursday and Friday will struggle out of the single digits and at least Thursday and Friday, will barely reach 5F with lows well below zero.

I imagine that ice cover on Lake Michigan will quickly grow back this week as this next shot of arctic air arrives.