More than 200 adoption requests for rescued Montmorency animals

43 animals were rescued from Jennifer Tucker-Richard's home in Montmorency County for alleged animal abuse

Since the 43 animals were rescued from a Montmorency County home, the animal shelter that is caring for them has received more than 200 adoption requests.

Pauline Hancock, of the Elk Country Animal Shelter, where the animals are being cared for, said the community support has been overwhelming.

Hancock estimated the shelter has received over $3500 in donations, coming from all over the state.

Community members have also brought in food and supplies to the shelter to help care for the animals.

Hancock said the shelter has received "non-stop" calls, emails and letters asking to adopt the animals that were rescued. She says the shelter has received about 200 requests.

One of the most memorable calls for Hancock came from a Connecticut man who wanted to adopt the bulldog who was rescued. When asked how they would even get the dog to him, he said he and his wife would drive to Atlanta, Mich, to pick it up.

While Hancock and other shelter workers are thrilled by the response from the community, the only terms under which the animals can be adopted is if the judge forfeits the custody of the animals. This happens when the judge declares the person is unfit to own the animals.

Since they have been at Elk Country Animal Shelter, they have been doing well, Hancock reports. Some were forced to have minor surgeries. One of the dogs, a Husky, was treated for a bladder stone problem, which usually results from a poor diet.

The shelter is still accepting donations through their website.

Jennifer Tucker-Richard faces multiple felonies charges of animal abuse and neglect. She turned herself in late last week.

She is expected to be in court on Friday February 15.