More than 30 animals left starving

More than 30 horses, three dogs, and three pigs were left to die at Presque Isle County farm.

A Presque Isle County woman is facing multiple charges after investigators say more than 30 horses, three dogs, and three pigs were left to die.

"One of them can't even walk, one stays in the same spot because their feet are messed up. Others just stay there, they don't want to do anything because they are ill and in bad shape," Horse rescue volunteer Tyler Freel said.

Christine Thompson, 33, of Hawks was arrested and charged with multiple counts of animal abuse and neglect.

"It was hard to get enough evidence, concrete enough to charge somebody but because they are in such bad shape, the prosecutor issuesd a warrant on it," Undersheriff Joseph Brewbaker said.

The Presque Isle County Sheriff's Office was called to a complaint of several horses running loose Wednesday near Thompson's property. Deputies found the animals in various stages of neglect.

The animals are being evaluated by a veterinarian and are being removed from the property to a safer environment.

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