More warm temperatures... night and day

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More warm temperatures in the forecast...night and day. Typically overnight lows this time of year would be in the 40s, but lows tonight around northern Michigan will be in the 58 to 68 degrees. A shower is possible. There will be some scattered rain tonight, but not everyone will get wet. Thunder is possible, too. Wind 5-15 mph unless you're near a thunderstorm.

Thursday's high temperatures will climb back into the 75 to 85 degree range. Normal highs are in the middle 60s. More scattered showers and thunderstorms will move across the state. Wind 5-15 mph, but gust over 20 mph near any shower.

Thursday night will be partly cloudy with lows in the 60s. A stray shower is possible. And it will feel humid, too. Wind 5-15 mph.

Friday might be the warmest day of the week highs will stay in the upper 70s in a few towns...and in a few towns the high will reach 90 degrees...but most highs will be in the 80s. We'll see some sunshine, but showers and thunderstorms are possible, too. Wind will be 5-15 mph with higher gusts near the passing rain. It will feel muggy.

Saturday and Sunday will be sunny. Highs Saturday in the 80s. Highs Sunday 75 to 85 degrees.

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