Mostly 70s the next 2 days

Nice looking evening...but like last night...a bit chilly. Most of the overnight lows will stay in the 40s, but don't be surprised if we see a few 38s or 39 degree readings. Light wind from the northwest.

Friday will be warm and mild. Rain out in the Dakotas is heading our way, but I think the atmosphere is too dry above us to get rain here. I think we'll see passing clouds tomorrow. Most highs will be in the 70s. It'll be in the 60s near lakes. Light wind from turning more to the west or southwest 5-15 mph.

Saturday...more 70s for highs...and a few more passing clouds. There is a slight chance rain could develop before the afternoon is over, but the higher chance will be Saturday night and Sunday.

With the clouds and showers on Sunday, the daytime highs will be the 60s for all of us.

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