Mother and daughter terrorized by bottle bombs at home in Manistee

These bottle bombs exploded near a Manistee residence.

For the past week, a mother and daughter have been "terrorized" in their home by bottle bombs, according to the Manistee Department of Public Safety.

Officials said the first event happened on the weekend of August 31 when the mother and daughter came home to find the front and back doors to the home barricaded with wet mattresses.

The next night, two bottle bombs exploded outside their home. Bottle bombs, or "Works bombs" use toilet bowl cleaner and aluminum foil to build pressure and create an explosion.

Officials said the mother and daughter had no suspects in mind and were not aware of anyone who would do this.

On Tuesday evening around 11 p.m. two more bottle bombs exploded in their yard. After officers responded to the home, they found four additional bottle bombs that had not exploded yet.

"I heard three very loud booms one right after the other, I actually could feel the ground shake a little bit," Doug Webb, concerned neighbor explained.

The Department of Public Safety said a total of eight bottle bombs had been placed near the home in the past week

"We were fortunate to have bottles that did not explode and could identify them as Spartan brand two liter bottles," said Dave Bachman, Chief of Public Safety.

An officer reviewed video footage and found three young men were seen on the video buying Works Toilet bowl cleaner and aluminum foil about 30 minutes before the bombs went off.

Bachman said the young men admitted to the crimes. They also surrendered the materials they had for making the bombs.

Officials said the young men knew the teenage girl who lived in the house and wanted to scare her.

"They brought more bombs trying to create a bigger explosion, trying to give her more anxiety and get a bigger reaction from her on Facebook," Bachman said.

The young men were released while the prosecuting attorney reviews the case. The Department of Public Safety said they are requesting charges of placing a bomb with the intention of creating fear, in addition to possessing bomb making materials.

"It appeared to me that it was getting to a point where someone was going to get hurt," Bachman said. "When you barricade a house, you have one bomb, two bombs, four bombs, where does that go? Do they get a 10 gallon, 50 gallon drum and put it out there, I don't know what there plans were."

The young men will not be identified until warrants are issued. The family has requested that the victim not be identified.