Mother arrested after leaving daughter unattended for hours

A mother was arrested after leaving her 6-year-old daughter unattended for hours.

A mother was arrested after leaving her 6-year-old daughter unattended for hours.

"The little girl was screaming, running, her face was so red from screaming so much," said Leah Derris a neighbor who found the child in the parking lot. "Her mom left her and then we just stayed with her."

Derris said she and a friend found the girl screaming in the parking lot looking for her mom.

"We asked her, 'Where did your mommy go?'" said Derris. "She's like, 'She went for a walk in the woods', but she didn't really."

According to the Grand Traverse County Sheriff's Office, the mother arrived home at the Arbors of Traverse apartment complex Friday evening.

Officials said she got frustrated, left the child at home unattended and went to Terra Firma Brewery.

"She got to a point where she needed some time away from the child," said Captain Fewless of the Grand Traverse County Sheriff's Department.

While the mom was gone Derris and her friend kept the little girl calm and played a few games with her.

When the mom didn't show up after several hours Derris said she called Child Protective Services and then law enforcement.

"The cop car pulled up and she was like, 'Why are the cops here?'" said Derris. "I was like, 'They're my friends look at his cool car!'"

After returning home later, the mother blew a .08 blood alcohol content. She was arrested for drunk driving and second degree child abuse.

"That kind of turned the matter into an even bigger deal than it was to start with," said Captain Fewless.

The child is now in the custody of a relative.

The mother's arraignment is scheduled for September 16th.