Mother has pendant holding son's ashes stolen from car

A Spider Lake woman had a necklace holding the ashes of her son stolen from her car over the weekend.

The loss of a child is hard enough on a parent, but imagine coming back to your car to find that your purse and a necklace with your son's ashes is missing.

That's what happened to Erika Budreau on Saturday morning.

Budreau says she parked her car near Union and State Streets in Traverse City Friday night. When she went to pick up her car on Saturday, she immediately knew something was wrong.

â??Have my coat. Have my purse. Take it if you need it. I'll give you a coat. Just bring me my necklace,â?? said Budreau.

She said her doors were locked, but her window was cracked just enough for someone to be able to push it down.

Her purse, buried under a jacket, was taken. And along with it, the pendant holding ashes of her infant son, Brennan, who died last year when he was just three-months old.

â??That necklace has absolutely no value to anybody but me.â??

Budreau said the thief did not get his/her hands on any money, but she's asking for the necklace back.

"It has my son," she said. "It's the last thing I have of him that I carry with me all the time. Regardless of how much I want my son to come back, he's notâ?¦ so the best thing I can have is to keep him around my neck and closest to my heart everyday.â??

If you know anything about the missing necklace, you're being asked to call Traverse City Police at (231) 995-5152.