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      Mother Nature causes shipping back-ups for car parts

      The icy roads and snowy weather conditions have caused a lot of problems for daily commuters this year, but it's also impacting the way some businesses function. Businesses like car dealerships that need parts and cars delivered on a daily basis in order to meet their customers needs.

      Managers at Cherry Capital Subaru and Bill Marsh Motors report that this has been the worst winter for them when it comes to the number of delays they're seeing for car parts. Many of the deliveries are shipped through FedEx and UPS from all over the country.

      "Couple weeks ago there was that big accident on I-94 involving 20-something semis and such," said Cherry Capital Parts Dept. Manager, James Moloci. "Well guess where our truck was at?"

      Bill Marsh Jr. says some of their car part orders have been delayed up to three days this winter.

      "Most of the shippers will drive under pretty extreme circumstances," said Marsh. "The drivers are trained, they know what they're doing. But with some of the weather we've had this last year...nothing is going to get through."

      But where some departments may be in a pinch because of the weather, others like the Bill Marsh Body Shop, are flourishing.

      "When you have a business like ours, where you have a parts business, a service business, and a body shop, where one might fall because the weather might be down, another sort of picks up the slack," said Marsh."

      Cherry Capital says the harsh winter this year has also impacted some customers' decisions when it comes to getting routine maintenance done on their car. Managers say some people just put it off when the weather is bad.

      Officials for both dealerships say that car deliveries have not been impacted by the weather.