Mother of bear attack victim speaks out

A 12-year-old girl was attacked by a bear while running in Haring Township Thursday evening.

DNR officials on Saturday are still looking for the bear that attacked a 12 year old girl while running in Haring Township Thursday evening.

The mother of the victim is speaking out about the attack.

Abby Wetherell was taken to Munson Medical Center where she underwent surgery and is continuing to improve. The DNR said she suffered deep lacerations on her thighs.

The attack happened just after 9 p.m. on a trail on private property. Wetherell was running and sped up when she saw the bear. The bear then attacked, knocking the girl to the ground. The girl got up and tried to run again, but the bear knocked her down a second time.

â??So at that point she decided that it was best to just lay thereâ?¦ and it finally did go away and she said she could see it keep turning around and looking at her. So she was praying that it wasnâ??t going to come back and then finally it took off,â?? said Elizabeth Wetherell, Abbyâ??s mother.

A neighbor heard the girl yelling for help and scared the bear off.

The DNR said there is no evidence that cubs were in the area when the attack occurred.

If caught, the bear will be put down and tested for rabies and other diseases.