Multi-million dollar Leelanau County hotel proposal approved

Proposed Lot

LEELANAU COUNTY (WPBN/WGTU) -- Local developers got the green light to build a multi-million dollar hotel in Leelanau County.

The Elmwood Township Planning Commission voted in favor of the proposal during their regular meeting Tuesday night.

The Managing Member of West Shore Partners Ron Walters said this will be a 120,000 square foot development that will cost close to $20 million.

The West Shore Hotel will go on an 11.5 acre lot off of M-22.

It will have 112 rooms, all with bay views.

Walters said Leelanau County is desperately in need of more hotel rooms, especially during summer.

"Leelanau County has very few hotel rooms," said Walters. "You can name the places to stay in the entire county on one hand, so there is a great demand for it."

Walters also said the project will have a trail connecting to the TART trails, but some people are concerned about the environmental impact.

"We did not see the applicant please include a wetland delineation for the sides so we are really encouraging the planning commission to insist on a wetland delineation to ensure they are complying with this ordinance," said Baykeeper for the Watershed Center Grand Traverse Bay Heather Smith."

The developers said they would abide by all the required environmental guidelines and will work with all the necessary agencies to make sure they do.

Walters plans to start construction as early as this August, and hopes to have up to 60 rooms up and running by August 2018.

Walters said they also have plans to redevelop the marina across the street from the hotel.

Right now, it currently has 12 boat slips and he wants to add 28 more.

The board has put the marina in the Agenda for their June meeting.

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