Multiple businesses broken into overnight

East Bay Antiques on US-31 in Acme Township also reported a break-in.

Three Grand Traverse County businesses were broken into Wednesday overnight.

All Automotive on M-37 in Blair Township reported a break-in through a corner window in the store, flip the security camera and motion detectors off, and stole around $600 worth of cash.

"It's terrible," said store owner Kevin Jefferson. "It's like a violation. You work hard, you buy security equipment and cameras, and then they find a way around that so now we have to take it to the next level to try and secure ourselves even better."

Across the street at Gene's Auto Parts it was a similar story. Managers came in to work to find a broken window, broken computer monitors, stolen flashlights, and stolen quarters from the pop machine and cash registers.

On the other side of the county, East Bay Antiques on US-31 in Acme Township also reported a break-in. While deputies were unable to contact the business owner, evidence suggests a cash register may have been taken.

The store was closed, but neighbors say they noticed that something was wrong.

"When the crew came in Thursday morning they noticed some change in the parking lot and that's when they looked between the buildings, there were pieces of cash register tape and things like that and then at that point that's when they noticed that the window was broke out next door and the doors were open," said Four Seasons Sunrooms Manager, Roger Binsfield.

Another break-in in Acme Township occurred earlier in the week at the Touchless Car Wash. Managers say they arrived to work on Tuesday morning and noticed that the coin machine, containing thousands of dollars worth of quarters was empty. Deputies were able to determine that the machines had been accessed and money taken.

Gene's Auto Parts is offering a $1,000 reward for anyone with information that leads to an arrest. All Automotive says that they will also be offering a reward.

If you have any further information about any of these incidents, please contact the Sheriff's Office at 231-995-5000.