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      Murder for hire victim: "I'm scared for my life"

      M arshall is visibly shaken just days after learning that his life and his girlfriend ' s life was in danger.

      A Harrison man is shaken after deputies say his soon to be ex - wife put a hit out on him.

      T he Clare County Sheriff's Department arrested 47-year-old Melody Marshall Tuesday after learning of her plot to kill her husband through social media.

      " I just got tired of being mistreated and she told me that if I did ever leave her she would kill me ," Kenny Marshall, murder for hire target said. " I didn't think she w ould actually go through with it ."

      M arshall is visibly shaken just days after learning that his life and his girlfriend ' s life was in danger.

      C lare County Sheriff's deputies say his soon to be ex-wife, Melody Marshall used social media to request hit man services from a man in Battle Creek.

      " You know it basically said , I want you to take care of him ," Clare County Sheriff John Wilson said. "B low the house up or in that sense of killing them both."

      D eputies say the man had no history of violence and found the messages alarming and he alerted authorities immediately.

      T hat's when the sheriff's department began their investigation and quickly arrested Marshall at her Harrison home.

      Y ou know you usually see it on TV where some drug guys bumping off another drug or paying somebody to kill someone like that , but you know when the ru ral part it's kind of odd to see that type of stuff ," Sheriff Wilson said.

      K enny Marshall says within the last year their 11 year relationship took a turn for the worse.

      H e says Melody turned violent towards him, which led him to file for divorce.

      "She has trash ed the house in front of me , she's even even tried threatening me with a knife, that's when I got tired of it," Marshall said.

      M elody Marshall now faces a felony count of soliciting murder and could spend the rest of her life in jail.

      K enny Marshall says that even though she is currently behind bars, he still feels uneasy. And he will until there is closure to this relationship turned sour.

      " She needs to be locked away , t he key thrown away or the mental institution one of the two ," Marshall said.

      M elody Marshall's bond is set at $150,000 and still remains in jail tonight. She will be back in court on October 7th.