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      Muslim rights group warns against anti-Sharia law

      A Muslim rights group is urging Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder to veto legislation designed to block use of Islamic law in the state should it reach his desk.

      A House bill to bar use of "foreign laws that would impair constitutional rights" is on Tuesday's state House agenda.

      Republican state Rep. Dave Agema (A'-jeh-muh) of Grandville sponsored the bill, which doesn't specifically mention the Islamic legal code called Sharia. The bill's supporters say they're concerned about Sharia's spread.

      It wasn't immediately clear if a vote was likely. The Associated Press left a message for Agema.

      The Council on American-Islamic Relations on Tuesday called "on all people of conscience" to urge Snyder to veto the legislation if passed.

      Group state director Dawud Walid (dah-WOOD' WAH'-lid) says it's a "bigoted bill."