NASCAR's Blue Deuce races across Mighty Mac

Normally, when motorists cross the Mackinac Bridge, the view of the Straits gets most of their attention. But today, all eyes were actually on one of the lone cars making the trek across the five mile span. Afterall it's not everyday that a NASCAR champion drives his racecar up to the toll booth.

At 6pm Wednesday, traffic was temporarily stopped so that Michigan native and NASCAR superstar, Brad Keselowski, could drive his No. 2 Miller Lite Ford Fusion (also known as the Blue Deuce) across the bridge. Keselowski is the first Michigan native to ever win the Sprint Cup.

Keselowski crossed the bridge (his first time across), paid the $4 toll, and roared into the Bridge View Park in St. Ignace. There, hundreds of fans had the opportunity to meet the driver and check out his ride.

"You know, I think when you look at racing, it's really difficult. Thankfully it's gotten a lot safer in the past decade, unfortunately that's been learned with lessons the hard way," said Keselowski, who enjoys racing and being back in his home state. "I think it's obviously a great place to be and I'm enjoying every second of it."

The NASCAR Champion joked the wind wasn't bad on the drive across, but keeping his eyes on the road was! He wanted to keep looking over the side because it was so beautiful.

The event was hosted by the Mackinac Bridge Authority, in conjunction with MDOT and Michigan International Speedway.

At dusk, the bridge itself was lit blue in recognition of the Pure Michigan icons. All of the costs for the lighting and the public event were covered by private donations. No toll money or taxpayer dollars were used to cover the costs.