Neighbors dispute over blocked view of Lake Michigan

For homeowners in Northern Michigan having a view of the water is not only a big draw, but adds value to the home.

Now imagine one day your view is gone.

That's just what happened to a Manistee County family. Their neighbors rebuilt their beach house partially blocking their view of Lake Michigan.

Tuesday, the Smith Family and their attorney asked the Onekama Township board to issue a stop work order on the beach house.

Prior to the construction, it was a one story cottage. The land use permit authorized by the township zoning administrator specified that the new home would be the same size, but its one story taller and ten feet wider.

The township board didn't have many answers to the questions asked at the meeting, and decided to leave it up to the zoning administrator to determine what to do.

The Smith's are prepared to take their neighbors to court if the issues aren't resolved.