Neighbors fear racetrack will disrupt their 'peaceful' community

      A group of Cheboygan County residents are worried that a new racetrack development in their community will ruin their peaceful way of life.


      group of
      Cheboygan County residents are worried that a new racetrack development in their community will ruin their peaceful way of life.


      proposed Griswold Mountain Racetrack would be built with the idea of attracting thousands of people to Indian River for national motor sports races.


      eople moved up here to enjoy the peace and quiet in the northern woods in the tranquility and it is going to be destroyed if this guy puts the racetrack in here

      ," Steve Grandstaff, Indian River resident said.

      Recently, the proposed racetrack has been the center of discussion in this community.


      his multimillion dollar project is being funded by
      Mark Hall, who is the founder of Monster Energy Drinks and a native of Indian River.


      e wants this racetrack to serve as a gift to his hometown


      by drawing tens of thousands of people to this community for national motor

      sports races each year.


      The facility is not going to be designed around having races every weekend


      it's just about national events and that's it

      ," Jerry Edgerton, Griswold Mountain Representative said.


      rganizers plan on using the track only four weekends each year.


      ut nearby neighbors say that's one too many.


      We don't think Griswold Mountain is the place for it

      ," Trish Woollcott, Indian River resident said.


      ut if he is going to build one we are certainly do everything in our power to help in find and find an alternative site that would not impact people who live here as much



      hat alternative site is a piece of state land

      on the other side of town

      that they want the racetrack owner to consider.


      We are not interested


      it's not going to happen


      it's not even worth talking about

      ," Edgerton said.


      acing organizers say the
      group's proposed alternative site is useless as a racetrack due to the soil quality.

      They plan on moving forward with their requests to rezone the Griswold Mountain lot that is currently residential.


      nd while there are a number of people against this racetrack


      there are many that are in favor of it

      . Those in favor hope it will draw thousands of new visitors to this small community.


      What we are kind of thinking is once the people get here and realize how beautiful a place this is they will come back and not only be here for racing but they will come back with their families for vacation

      ," Dawn Bodnar, Indian River Chamber of Commerce Director said.



      Indian River Chamber of Commerce says a recent survey revealed that 96% of local businesses want the racetrack to be built.


      oth sides will get a chance to voice their arguments at a
      Cheboygan County Planning Commission meeting next week.